• Kwun Tong, HK Hongkong Kwun Tong project

    APU participated in the activation and renovation project of Yun Cheng building. Have the Kwun Tong town centre redevelopment project to see that the government is actively promoting in recent years, and is located in Xiamen have hung to road business renovation or reconstruction, customers want the activation Runcheng building, can improve the building in the region's competitiveness. The project is now in the design stage and the new design will be available soon!

  • Che Ha, Sai Kung, HK Hongkong Xigong Che ha

    A Che village love Chinese style also love modern minimalist style, so APU uses a variety of different materials and oblique lines unique design the very modern style village house. Exterior wall design, APU selected wood, color, beige and black brick as the main external wall, part of the use of paint and cultural stone as an emphasis. The areas of different color bricks are segmented by a dynamic diagonal strip. The cement, semi height, fence and glass fence of the terrace also extend the line, cleverly separating the half opened private space and the open space. On the side of the terrace, a wooden fence screen is made of outdoor wood, which adds to the features of the two and third floors.

  • Maritime Museum _National South China Sea Museum Design

    On the north side of the project site, the South China Sea cultural base will be protected for the future underwater cultural heritage, and the South China Sea Cultural Square will be held on the South side. The three plots are linearly distributed from north to south, and there is also a cohesive relationship in function. The location of the museum with slightly off center, which formed the three plots of sight corridor. We put the museum building is divided into three parts, the main hall and reception hall is arranged in the middle and small amount of multifunctional combined south culture square set in the main hall on the south side of the north land development and large-scale public landscape constructions in the main exhibition hall and the future of the South China Sea plays a role in the transition between the base

  • 3C PARK II & 3C PARK III Streetscape project

    From the Creative Industry Park, we conducted some illusion of the park future operation mode, so in the entrance set comprehensive service hall the property services and conference services combined, can hope that the service type office building concept which.

  • CEH_ChengDu hospital_Architectural design project of Chengdu Hospital of Sichuan

    The object of the design is a hospital for cancer treatment and care. Generally speaking, hospital design usually follows the "pavilion-structure" architectural model, which develops longitudinally and extends a long way. In this project, the hospital was surrounded by a huge garden, and we decided to arrange the functions of nursing, recuperation and rehabilitation on the extended corridor, and make sure they are only two stories high. This solution can solve the problem of management [for patients, nurses and the guest that short distance vertical and parallel paths, plus, taking into account patient specific psychological attitude, and increase the park and contact with nature, are helpful to greatly improve the patient rehabilitation will [see] the United States the Maggie center. As the technological and spatial demands of today are constantly changing, as a major element in hospital architectural design, the concept of these extended corridors can be easily developed. About the service area of a hospital, the functional core of the building, which is located in the middle of the whole hospital. Usually these facilities will be installed underground, but in this case, due to the existence of a large underground parking lot, we would like to place the related facilities in the most central position of the building. The most important thing is, with the operation room, the doctor's office and the service area of the tower; the tower will be regarded as "knowledge community", where doctors have their expertise and easily manage their daily exchange. The technical equipment at the top of the tower, as another part to be updated from time to time, requires convenient access and management maintenance. Next to the hospital, there is a commercial area specializing in the sale of health care products, hospital staff, exclusive apartments and four other apartments for patients and their families.

  • VAT_Varese Theater Competition _ Varese theatre design competition program

    Varese city intends to the most important part of the building renovation and the square of the square. Among them, the existing theatre is the main object of transformation: the Institute for the construction of the temporary identity was born, it is not suitable to the contemporary performance and as a new landmark of downtown requirements. The design concept of the program is on the back of the main theater seat to change and extend the existing hall for theatre, aims to activate those areas, bring security control, the original semi abandoned area and parking lot into a pleasant little square. The main entrance will be highlighted by the concrete curtain wall. For us, the concrete curtain wall, which is used to close the side of the square and is in the same direction with the surrounding buildings, is a necessary element of the design. There is another twin curtain wall facing the small square. The main theatre of the project is a semi-circular, to ensure maximum capacity at the same time, we can also provide better acoustics, visibility and compactness, avoid the maximum distance of the seats [from the stage to the seats is 10 mT, this value is lower than the normal seating configuration. This particular shape also provides another benefit: the stage is higher than that of the conventional, can play different types of programs the opportunity. The performance hall is equipped with a conference room. The interior, separated by the movable partition wall, can be separated from the main hall to coordinate with other activities. The dressing and rehearsal rooms are set up above the main lobby because the performers can enjoy the beautiful view of the Alps instead of the usual change and dressing room on the narrow windowless channel. We also hope that this layer can be rented out for other activities, not limited to activities related to the theatre, so as to increase opening time and income. The residential and commercial buildings on the south side of the Plaza allow private investors to financially maintain the theatre and the plaza. These two blocks are presented as a triangular shape, in order to grasp the maximum sunlight and provide a small they protected the small square.