• Home Furnishing purchasing building

    Wailimian using high-tech materials and a large white (size). Logo, Wailimian design simple for customers to convey a clear and powerful information, this is a Home Furnishing Products Exhibition (Chu Weiyu). The interior design function first, divide the main display area by area lighting box prompt, traffic according to the product display area to the exhibition hall for the center in eight radial lines, and vertical interaction in the southeast, northeast, northwest, southwest, convenient visitors evacuation and faster arrival want to visit the area. The first floor: through different product types, divided into three regions and a classification of products and brand portfolio display area, the central region of the scene display area will be distributed to customers; regional products through different design reasonable; sandwich: the main setting for the business district, business district (divided into brand chat area related products), show a total of 4 Classification products negotiate negotiate area; two layers: air garden leisure area, large customer area, R & D personnel area and meeting room.

  • Chengdu Xilian Hospital / Architectural design of Chengdu union obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

    Our design solution uses three core cylinders, which are built to look like mountains outside, creating the emotional atmosphere in which new life is nurtured in the mother earth's arms. The sky gardens of the building are arranged in the terraced landscape with all the wards. The atmosphere is surrounded by green, which brings relaxed psychological feelings and auxiliary health care treatment. The atrium of the hospital is located in the air garden, divided into two floors: ground and sunken square. This is the core of the hospital service function: providing all kinds of auxiliary services such as food and beverage, retail and so on. The transparent atrium uses light from the transparent house as a light source to relax the feelings of the people in the hospital.